We recognize parents as being the primary educators of their children. Our school and district strives to support parents in this key role by providing the information necessary to help make decisions for your child regarding important issues.

Want to help out as a volunteer? We encourage our parents to participate in the school community to whatever degree they choose. Opportunities exist in the school for parents to volunteer in a number of capacities. Parents who are interested in volunteering are asked to  watch the volunteer orientation video. read and complete the volunteer expectations and forms in the package to submit to our office.

Parental Responsibilities in the Alberta School Act

Under Section 16 of the Alberta School Act, parents have specific responsibilities regarding their child's education. Section 16.2 states:

A parent of a student has the responsibility

(a) to take an active role in the student’s educational success,including assisting the student in complying with section12,

(b) to ensure that the parent’s conduct contributes to a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment,

(c) to co-operate and collaborate with school staff to support the delivery of supports and services to the student,

(d) to encourage, foster and advance collaborative, positive and respectful relationships with teachers, principals, other school staff and professionals providing supports and services in the school, and

(e) to engage in the student’s school community.


Important Information Regarding Curriculum Development.

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